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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Emotional vs Soul based behavior

When I stopped publishing about my Psyche Studies, I had no intention of returning to this blog to publish again. However, something really neat and amazing happened. And, here I am back once again!

So, what is sooooo neat and amazing? I found out that there are two kinds of behavior. Emotional based behavior.  And Soul based behavior.

Let me state straight away, that nearly every person is an emotional based behavior type. And conversely, almost nobody even comprehends that a soul based behavior type even exists. How could people even begin to comprehend soul based behavior? Hardly anybody truly believes that the soul exists in the first place?

Definition: Emotional behavior type
A person who reacts to any situation with their emotional self. This would include even very highly developed persons who, thru meditation, have learned to control their emotions.

A person who has not made the complete transition from emotional based behavior to soul based behavior, may become a very highly disciplined individual. However, they will remain emotionally based. And thus, respond to events with various amounts of anger, frustration, joy, sadness, etc. For no matter how disciplined a person may become, there will still remain some emotional content in every response.

Definition: Soul behavior type
A person who has made the transition from reacting to events with their emotional self, to reacting to events completely without emotional input. These people react with their soul. Observing events as they happen, without coloring the event with emotion.

Great joy!
Those few persons who have learned how to be Soul behavior types, live a life of great joy. Great peace. Every single day that comes their way is wonderful. No matter what that day brings!

Chapter 14
I do not possess the words or intellect in order to fully explain to you about Emotional Based Behavior and Soul Based Behavior. For that explanation, you will have to read Chapter 14 of:

"The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond"
by Michael A. Singer

After I read chapter 14 for perhaps ten times or more, I began to get a glimmer of understanding what Soul based behavior was all about. And, this glimmer of understanding, changed my entire life completely!

Good luck,

PS: Not much of a reaction
It is now Wednesday morning. I published my Emotional/Soul story yesterday evening. So far, I have not had much of a reaction from readers. I am not surprised by this lack of reaction. In fact, I expected it.

Here in this story, I have shared with readers some knowledge which changed my life. Would change all lives of those reading here. If only they would believe, give it a chance, and try to understand.

However, what I described is much too simple to believe, and much too difficult to understand! No wonder there is so little reaction!

Monday, May 20, 2013

We have moved!

Tioga and George have moved!

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Thank you!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

One last time

Dear Readers,
I have returned here one last time in a final attempt to reveal to you why some of you rejected what I have learned in my Psyche Studies. And why you may have felt anger and frustration at the words that I've written here in my blog.

I will even point out where in the book your anger and frustration at me is explained. Thus, making it easy for you to get the book and focus in precisely where the explanation is written.

I am either right in what I have written, or I am wrong. It is that simple. And therefore, if you disagree with me and feel anger and frustration with me, you are either right or wrong in your feelings. There is no way around it. That's the way it is!

Do yourself the biggest favor that you will ever do for yourself. Get the book, "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself", and read Chapter 14: "Letting Go of False Solidity." That's where it is explained.

You may buy the book at in the Kindle edition. $8.48 is all it costs! Click [here] to take a peek. I am going off now to write in my new blog, which by the way, looks very similar to this blog!

Maybe I will see you again, somewhere along the way.....

PS: My new blog is [here].